Frequently Asked Questions

Are your printables available for personal or commercial use?

All of our printables are for personal use only. We do not allow any reselling, editing or commercial use practices of any kind for any of our custom made printable products.

Are your design resources available for personal or commercial use?

All of our web design resources are available for you to use any way you need in your projects. They can be used for any personal or commercial projects. We don't require any type of attribution for our design resources such as icons, illustrations and backgrounds.  However, we do not allow any reselling of our original products. So if you wish to fully edit and change them to look like a different product, you may then sell as your own new digital product.

Are your photos and images available for personal or commercial use?

All of our photographs and images can be used in any personal or commercial use projects. Our photos cannot be resold for any reason.  However, you may use them when doing client's web design projects as part of your paid designs. We do not require any attributions ever for any of our photos or images. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

At the moment, we are accepting Stripe and Apple Pay. In the very near future, we will be adding in a few new payment methods like Paypal, Cash APP and Google Pay.

Do you offer refunds for your digital products?

No! We do not offer any type of refunds because our products are not physical. Once we send you a digital product, we cannot get it back. It's not like a physical product that you can return. Once you download the digital product, you have it forever. So we do not offer any refunds!

Are you new to printables and need help getting started?

We offer a great place to get help with printables. Visit our Getting Started With Printables page in the main menu above and discover step by step instructions for printing each of our printable products.

Do you need a specific theme or design in one of our products?

This is not a problem either. Are you a teacher needing classroom materials or worksheets custom made? Are you a web designer needing a specific icon set, pack, illustration or custom background for a project? Are you a parent needing a certain birthday party set theme or anything else you may need? Head on over to our Custom Order Request page and send us a request.  We will get back to you ASAP!